Private Sales and Transfers

Sell guns in CT

Selling your loved one’s firearms to another private party will most likely get you the most money, but it also comes with the most regulations and requirements. In Connecticut, like many states, you need to ensure that the person receiving the firearm meets all of the state requirements, no matter if you sell or give away the firearm.

The State of Connecticut FAQ on firearm sales states:

“I am selling a gun to a friend. How do I do this, and is there any paperwork involved?

If you are selling a handgun, the purchaser must have a Connecticut State Pistol Permit, Eligibility Certificate, or be a sworn Police Officer. You must call the toll free Gun Sale Authorization line at (888) 335-8438 and obtain an authorization number. The DPS-3, Sale and Transfer of all Firearms must be completed.  If you are selling a long gun, the purchaser must have a Connecticut State Pistol Permit, Eligibility Certificate, a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate, be a sworn Police Officer or an active member of the military.  A DPS-3 must also be completed.  In both cases, the seller must keep a copy of all related paperwork for 5 years.”

In English, that means you are responsible to fill out all of the paperwork, contact the state for a background check, and maintain records for 5 years. Additionally, you need to ensure that the firearm is legal to sell in Connecticut. If it sounds daunting, it is. Firearm sales are highly regulated, and that is why people try to ‘cut corners’. Unfortunately, buyers may say to ‘not worry about the paperwork’ or try to skip steps but you are ultimately responsible.

Your best bet if you want to sell firearms privately is to meet all of the requirements above and sell them to someone you know. There are limited areas to advertise firearms (such as but they do exist.

The balancing act is that you may get more money selling directly to a private party in return for filling out the paperwork and ensuring all regulations and requirements are met. Keep in mind that in Connecticut you cannot transport firearms without a permit and following appropriate storage requirements (more info here).

If you do not feel comfortable with selling the firearms to a private party, that is completely understandable. Safe Guns CT was formed to help through this process. We can’t offer retail prices when we buy the guns as we not only have to follow these same regulations but also have to have a Federal Firearms License, insurance and other overhead.

Safe Guns CT is happy to help and does our best to respond to your contact within 24 hours and meet you within 24-48 hours. We come to you so that you do not need to handle the firearms. Click here for more information or feel free to text or call us at 860.294.4498 or email