What we do

Safe Guns CT a Federal Firearms Licensee serving Connecticut

Safe Guns CT was created to provide support for you to keep your loved one’s firearms safe and sell them for cash. Our process is designed to both keep you comfortable and meet all state and federal regulations.

We have a 5 step process we follow for each visit. We promise to do our best to respond to you within 24 hours, and visit your location within 24-48 hours and make a cash offer then and there. Our process:

Step 1: Initial Contact: You contact us (via text or phone at 860.294.4498 or email safegunsct@gmail.com) and we will ask you a few questions:

  • Is your loved one ok with selling their firearms? If your loved one has passed, we need to make sure you are responsible for the estate. If they are still around, we want to make sure they are ok with selling their firearms
  • Do you know how many and what types of firearms your loved one has? A ballpark is ok, we are just looking to see what we may need to bring and how much time to plan. We buy estates from 1-100s of items.
  • Do you have any other military items you may want to sell? Most firearms collectors have served in the military, or collect militaria and we would be happy to buy those items from the estate also.
  • When would you like to meet? We try to be responsive so that we can help secure the firearms for you, but we are flexible based on your schedule.

Step 2: Introductions at your place. We come to you. The first thing we do is provide a copy of our Federal Firearm License so that you know we have met the stringent federal licensing guidelines. We do ask for some type of identification from you and proof that it is ok to sell your loved one’s firearms. We need this for our records.

Step 3: Securing all firearms and ammo. We will go through each firearm and ensure it is safe. This includes unloading each item and securing them so they cannot be fired (trigger lock, zip tie, etc). We also keep an eye for any dangerous items that may be around (we’ve found grenades, shells, etc) and will refer those to the appropriate authorities for disposal. Even if you decide not to sell the estate to us, it will be left as safe as we can, with recommendations. (NOTE: We take no responsibility for the safety if the estate is not purchased as they are still your firearms and responsibility.)

Step 4: We inventory every item. In hopes to get you the most money we can, we inventory everything. Firearms range widely in value and we look at both the type and condition. Additional items such as ammo, reloading equipment, holsters, military items, etc, add to the overall value of the inventory.

Step 5: We make an offer and you decide. Bottom line is we offer about 50% of retail for any sellable firearms. We would love to offer more, but we still have to sell them, pay for licensing, and frankly we need to make some profit. The bonus is we offer cash. Other items in the estate may help to raise the total offer. We show you everything in black and white and you decide. If you agree to the offer, we will complete all of the paperwork, pay you and be on our way. (NOTE: There are some firearms that may not be sellable due to condition or model. We will still take them as part of the estate and dispose of them properly so you don’t have to, but can’t offer anything on those.)

Bottom line is that we do all of the work and paperwork, you receive cash quickly and lose the headache of dealing with unsecured firearms. You may get more from a private sale, but then you have the responsibility and hassle.

Safe Guns CT is happy to help and does our best to respond to your contact within 24 hours and meet you within 24-48 hours. We come to you so that you do not need to handle the firearms. Feel free to text or call us at 860.294.4498 or email safegunsct@gmail.com to get the process started.